Facebooking? Of course you are…


But, are you keeping yourself and your Friends safe in the process? Check out these easy tips to keeping your Facebook account safe.

My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours

fake boyfriend

When twelve-year-old Tori's lifelong BFF Sienna comes back from the whole summer away, things just aren't right. Sienna comes back with a new look, newfound popularity, and Tori is just same old Tori. Sienna seems to have outgrown their best friend status, and she even has a boyfriend she can't stop raving about!

Healthy Choices for a New School Year!


Back to school does not have to mean pizza, chips, and cookies. Try being a role model this school year and show your friends and family what to eat to build a strong and healthy body.


jealousy btweens

Jealousy is a perfectly OK feeling to have just as long as you know how to deal with it. It happens to most of us. You love your friend to death, but you are always saying to yourself "Man, I wish I had her clothes, smarts, athletic talent" whatever it may be.

My First Bra

bra btweens

Rachel, age 12, writes about getting her first bra.

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