“BT” rated books

Books rated BT
Btweens BT are generally written for a 9-12 year old audience.

Books rated “BT” are generally written for a 9 to 12-year-old audience.


After All, You’re Callie Boone

 Author: Winnie Mack

 Book Review Written by StorySnoops

Hi Btweens! StorySnoops here, bringing you another book recommendation! Summer is here and this is a fun speed read to throw in your beach bag.

Here is the story:

Callie’s life is definitely not dull these days. Her house is rather full, with her two brothers, parents, grandmother, her uncle and his 12 ferrets all living under one roof! She is still reeling from being dumped by her lifelong BFF and now that she has been banned from the community pool over one humiliating incident, she is trying to figure out how to fill her time. A boy named Hoot moves in next door and while he is definitely not her boyfriend, they become great friends. Tryouts for the diving team are rapidly approaching, and Callie has her dad and Hoot helping her train. When a real crisis arises, Callie has lots of things to figure out, but she has faith – after all, she’s Callie Boone.

Here is the scoop:

This is a great story with a positive message about working hard for something, and the importance of friendship and family. After All, You’re Callie Boone deals with friendship troubles, making new friends, having a boy for a friend (who is NOT a boyfriend!) and some good old-fashioned family drama. Callie dreams of being a diver like her father once was, and wants to make the team and make him proud. Girls who can relate to having been left behind by a best friend who was growing up a little faster, or who have had one heck of an embarrassing moment, or who are just looking for a cool read for a hot summer day will want to dive into this book!

Happy reading!

-The StorySnoops


My Fake Boyfriend is better than yours

Author: Kristina Springer

Book Review Written by StorySnoops.com

Hey Tweens, StorySnoops is back again with another awesome book recommendation for Btweens readers like you! Spring break is coming up–this is a great one to read poolside, in the car, or wherever you may be spending your vacation.

Here is the story:

When twelve-year-old Tori’s lifelong BFF Sienna comes back from the whole summer away, things just aren’t right. Sienna comes back with a new look, newfound popularity, and Tori is just same old Tori. Sienna seems to have outgrown their best friend status, and she even has a boyfriend she can’t stop raving about!

When Tori realizes that Sienna is making up this super wonderful boyfriend, well two can play at that game–she makes up one of her own. The lying and the one-upping get worse and sticky situations arise. Will the girls finally come clean and admit to themselves how important their friendship truly is?

Here is the scoop:

Any of you who can relate to the complications of friendship, raise your hand! Hand up? Then you will love this book! You will be able to relate to these characters who lose touch with one another over one important summer and have a hard time reconnecting in the fall. When lots of attention and popularity is suddenly showered upon one friend, the other one has a hard time adjusting. The fake boyfriends these two girls make up are fantastic, attentive, sensitive, caring and of course…  gorgeous!

These two BFFs stubbornly refuse to give in and admit that they are lying and that they both want their friendship to be like it was before. You are going to have to pick up the book and read it to find out how everything turns out for Tori and Sienna and their troubles with middle school, popularity, friendship and boys. This book has a great, eye-catching cover and the story inside does not disappoint.

Happy reading Btweens!

-The StorySnoops


If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period

Author:  Gennifer Choldenko

Book review written by StorySnoops.com

Hey Tweens!  It’s StorySnoops again, and we are back with another awesome book recommendation for Btweens readers.

Here is the story:

Kirsten McKenna and Walker Jones are both starting seventh grade at the same school, but they have never met.

Kirsten is thrilled that summer is over so she can get back to her best friend and away from her parents, who have gone totally mental.  Things have been bad between them for a while and now they’ll only talk to one another through Kirsten or her little sister.  This might explain why Kirsten has gained so much weight in the past few months.

Then there’s Walk.  He just wants to keep his head down at this new private (and mostly white) school that his mom transferred him to so that he can stay out of trouble. When Kirsten and Walk meet by chance one day, they like each other right away.  But they are completely unprepared for the shocking truth that will link them together forever! 

Here is the scoop:

If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period is a must read for tween girls!  It’s an absorbing story about two really likeable kids who have to deal with typical middle school issues — popularity, queen bees, pressure, feeling like you don’t fit in, cheating, racism, and fighting parents.  Sound familiar?

If you need to write a book report, this is a great choice because there is a lot to discuss.  But basically it’s just a really good story that even has a shocking plot twist at the end.  I’ll say no more.  You’ll just have to read it to find out what happens.  And don’t forget to let us know how you like it when you’re done.

Happy reading!

The StorySnoops




Touch Blue

Author:  Cynthia Lord

Book review written by StorySnoops.com

Hey Tweens!  It’s StorySnoops again, here to suggest another great book for you Btweens readers!

Here is the story:

Touch Blue is about an eleven-year old girl named Tess who lives with her family on a tiny island off the coast of Maine.  When’s Tess’s best friend moves away, her school no longer has enough students to stay open, and the government threatens to shut it down.  To solve this problem, her community comes up with a plan.  They increase the number of students on the island by having a few families take in foster children — Tess’s family included.  Tess is thrilled that she is going to have a new thirteen-year-old brother, and can hardly wait to meet Aaron.  But when Aaron arrives, it is not as easy as she had imagined.  He never wants to play with Tess and has a giant attitude problem.  The only thing he cares about is his music – and secretly getting back in touch with his “real” mom.  Will Aaron ever come to accept Tess, her family, and small town island life as much as Tess wants him to? Or will he leave the island to find his real mom?

 Here is the scoop:

Touch Blue is a short book with a lot of depth, without being boring or hard to read.  Tess is a superstitious girl and each chapter opens with a different superstition (Chapter One — “Touch Blue and your wish will come true”).  This book is beautifully written and descriptive, too.  When you are reading, you feel like you are right on the island with Tess, living her many adventures with her.

Your parents and teachers will love this as a choice for a book report or book club selection because of its messages about the meaning of family, and the importance of kindness and community.  They will also dig the fact that the author has won many awards.

But you will love Touch Blue because it is such a great story!  Tess is such a neat character — independent, caring, smart, stubborn, and brave.  We can’t tell you any more without giving it away (and it does have a pretty cool ending).  So if you want to know more about what happens to Tess, Aaron, his mother, and the little schoolhouse, go read this book!

If you like this book, you might want to check out another book by the same author, called Rules.  It has won some big awards, but we think you’d like it regardless!

Happy reading!

-The StorySnoopsce




When You Reach Me

Author:  Rebecca Stead 

Book review written by StorySnoops.com

Hey Tweens!  Looking for a book for that never-ending reading log or book report?  Not sure what to sink your teeth into next?  Have no fear, StorySnoops is here!  And we have a book picked out just for the Btweens readers that you girls are sure to love.

Here is the story:

Twelve-year-old Miranda lives a good life in New York with her mother, who is preparing to win big on a 1970’s television show.  Things begin to unravel when Miranda’s best friend, Sal, gets beaten up.  Miranda finds a series of hidden notes meant for her with information that no one but her should know, and her house is broken into.  When she pieces together the clues and finds out what it all means, it’s something she could never have imagined.

Here is the scoop:

When You Reach Me is one of those stories that has twists and turns, with lots of mystery and surprises.  So I can’t tell you more without giving it away.  But I can tell you that Miranda is a typical tween girl — just like you.  She is a nice, smart, and very likable character.  Miranda is sad to be growing apart from her best friend, and she tries to make new friends.  She crosses the path of some mean girls and bullies.  She also has an awesome single mom that always supports her.  Can you relate to any of this?  I thought so.

It’s an easy read (but you don’t have to tell your teachers that!).  Your parents will love it because it won a bunch of awards last year, including the Newbury Medal.  Your teachers will love it because it’s a great book to do a report on.  But most importantly, you will love it and won’t be able to put it down.  This is one awesome book that all tween girls will love!


Princess Nevermore

Author: Dian Curtis Regan

Reviewed by Alex Ware, Btweens book correspondent 

Quinn is not content with her role as princess. She lives in a magical, underground kingdom called Mandria, but longs to see more of the world on the other side of the wishing pool. She convinces her best friend Cam, who happens to be a wizard’s apprentice, to cast a spell that would send them both to Outer Earth (modern day Earth). However, something goes awry, and Quinn finds herself alone in a foreign land, quickly discovering that she might have gotten more than she bargained for.

Quinn’s luck turns when she is befriended by teenaged siblings Adam and Sarah, who take her in and help her try to acclimate to the modern world. After coping with the harsh realization that she may never return home, she begins attending school with her new friends and immediately attracts unwanted attention from an evil-natured boy named Zach, who is determined to unearth her secrets and somehow steal her magical powers.

As Quinn struggles to fit into her new world, she is faced with a crucial decision. She must choose between this world and her growing love for Adam, or her life in Mandria, where her family, friends, and future reign as queen await. She doesn’t know what her heart desires more, but can a princess from a kingdom of magic ever feel at home in the modern world?

Dian Curtis Regan carefully blends hope, fear, magic, adventure, and romance in her enchanting tale of Quinn’s journey. The bewilderment Quinn experiences regarding her unfamiliar surroundings makes her an endearing heroine and provides some amusement for readers with comical “fish out of water” scenarios. When I was a tween myself, the initial lure of Princess Nevermore lay simply in the fact that it was a story about a princess from a magical kingdom. However, the powerful central themes of loyalty, friendship, and first loves have kept me coming back to this favorite of mine over the years.

We would love to hear thoughts from any “B”s that have had an opportunity to read Princess Nevermore, and suggestions for new books are welcome too! Send your thoughts to books@btweens.com.