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Cupcake Fun

Cupcake Fun

A bakery in the UK made these adorable Muppet Cupcakes!  Have you ever made decorated cupcakes?  Next time you do, send us a photo and we’ll post your creations here!

Healthy Choices for a New School Year!


Back to school does not have to mean pizza, chips, and cookies. Try being a role model this school year and show your friends and family what to eat to build a strong and healthy body.

Beat the Heat with Cool Treats!

fruit btweens

Lazy days at the beach and hanging out by the pool with your girlfriends, is just around the corner. Here are a few ideas for healthy summer snacks you can make when your friends come over.

Healthier fats for a healthier body

healthy fats btweens

You may hear these phrases often from family, friends, or even people on TV, “She’s on a low fat diet,” “I can’t eat that, it has too much fat in it!” Are all fats bad for you though? No, of course not!

Homemade Soup


Real food for real living - watch mom and daughter making homemade soup together.

Fueling for Exercise


After school you may participate in soccer practice, tennis lessons, gymnastics, ballet class…this list could go on forever! So how do you manage? After a full day at school you must be exhausted and ready to curl up in your bed with a good book. The key is proper nutrition and fueling your body...

Brighten Up Your Meals With Color

btweens pizza

Brighten up your cold winter nights with color! The more colorful your dinner plate is, the more likely you are getting a variety of nutrients. Let's make a colorful and delicious veggie pizza!

What’s in Your Brown Bag?

btweens lunch

Bored with the usual stuff in your lunch bag? Why not try something new? Here are a few creative ideas for healthy, balanced lunchables that are fun to make and beyond the ordinary.

Snack Attack

fruity parfait

Being a tween means you are constantly on the go. After school you’ve got homework, friends, sports and activities. You probably need an afternoon snack to keep you going strong! But what should you eat? It is important to eat healthy but that doesn’t mean boring. You can make yourself tasty, fun snacks in...