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The following books are reviewed or mentioned in our book review section.


In the Dear Goldie advice column, we recommend a book The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls from American Girl Library.   This book answers many questions tween girls have about their bodies and offers guidance about basic hygiene and health without addressing issues of sexuality.  Topics include the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth, and eating healthy to buying a bra, getting their period and dealing with pimples.

American Girl Library has wonderful books for helping your tween learn and deal with issues that accompany this age.  Below we recommend some of our favorites.


In Life is a Roller Coaster Kristine Carlson talks about dealing with difficult situations. Below are several books written by Kristine and/or her husband Richard Carlson, creator of the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” series.

In Exploring the Galapagos a fourth-grader writes about her trip to the islands. Below are some recommended resources for further exploring the Galapagos Islands.


In FIT- Become a Statistic, Analisa Naldi suggests ways for kids to stay fit and have fun.  Below are several DVDs and books designed to encourage tweens and teens to be fit and active.