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New e-Zine for Tweenage Girls Helping TWEENS and Their Parents Find Common Ground

San Jose, CA, October 25, 2010…Announcing the launch of, The e-Zine for Tweenage Girls.

As the Tween market (ages 8 to 12) continues to draw attention, the media and popular culture are starting to pay attention and cater to this influential segment of the population known as TWEENS or TWEENAGERS.

Tweens are growing up quickly, and parents want their daughters to enjoy the years between childhood and becoming teens. The tweenage years are a very small window, but an important and impressionable time in a girl’s life. These years form the foundation for their future.

Co-founders Valerie Foster, Kelly Braun, and Terry Price share a common interest and concern about the new challenges facing tween girls. They feel a great responsibility in providing a place where parents will have comfort in knowing their daughters are learning about–respect, giving back, healthy friendships, enjoying family, focusing on school, and being active and healthy; as well as age-appropriate “Fun Stuff” like: fashion, makeup, music, games, books, technology, and art. provides tweens with positive role-models and entertaining, informative content.

The aim of every feature and every personal profile is to help tweens and their parents forge relationships that will help them successfully navigate the challenges presented by their tweenage years. provides a safe and fun place for tween girls to go and find out what other girls their age are doing and thinking.

For more information, or to arrange an interview, contact or call: 650-823-9280