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Valerie, Kelly, and Terry


Valerie, Kelly, and Terry

Grandmother, Mom,

      and Aunt!

We are the perfect combination of 3 women, both professionally and personally. We came together as a result of where each of us are in our personal lives…myself having 4 grandchildren, two of them tween girls;  Kelly, a mom of a tween daughter; and Terry, the aunt of a tween niece.

The three of us clicked from the start. I have been in publishing since the 1980’s; Kelly is a product manager, and Terry a graphic designer. We are all passionate about what we do, and decided to put our passion and talent together to create a safe and fun place for tween girls to go and find out what other girls their age are doing and thinking.

We feel a great responsibility in providing a place where parents will have comfort in knowing their daughters are learning about–respect, giving back, healthy friendships, enjoying family, focusing on school, and being active and healthy. In addition, we are aware that tweens are fashion-conscious and love makeup, music, games, books, technology, and art. Our goal is to provide your daughters with positive role-models and supportive editorial.

Tweens are growing up quickly, and should enjoy the years between childhood and becoming teens. The tweenage years are a very small window, but an important and impressionable time in a girl’s life. These years form the foundation for their future.

Kelly, Terry, and I want to help tween girls feel happy, confident and most importantly, enjoy their tweenage years.

Valerie Foster, Co-Founder and Publisher, Btweens.com


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We encourage you to check our page on online safety and download the free book “Own Your Space” to read more about keeping you and the tweens in your life safe.