Ode to Lexi

Written by Morgan about her sister, Lexi

Lexi and Morgan's dance recital

She’s as cute as a button,
She’s smart and hyperactive,
She’s confusing and unpredictable,
But that’s my Lexi.

She loves to have fun
And is mostly loving,
She can be annoying,
But that’s my Lexi.

Always running around
And soon you will hear a CRASH,
She seems always hurt,
But that’s my Lexi.

Morgan & Lexi on vacation in Mexico

Just lovin’ life while being
Caring and kind-hearted,
She will always cheer you up,
Cause that’s my Lexi.

Intelligent and headstrong
When she comes to a split in the road,
I trust she will take the right path,
Cause I know my Lexi.

Irreplaceable, fragile, and priceless,
She is my world,
I don’t know how I would live life without her,
Cause I love my Lexi.

Morgan now 14 and Lexi 12