Me and My BFF

By Heather Roberts, High School Senior and Btweens Intern

As we’ve grown through the years, we have become accustomed to seeing best friends everywhere we go. We all know the famous best friend pairs: Pooh and Piglet, Mickey and Pluto, Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth! Each relationship is different, but there are similarities within each friendship. Best friends always have each other’s back, even in the most difficult situations. They support one another and share ideas, interests and activities. Best friends care about each other! When life gets tough and you find yourself at a roadblock, best friends help each other find ways to break down barriers. A best friend should influence your decisions for the better. They give you honest advice and help you get through tough times. They are a shoulder to cry on, the first one to cheer you on, and the one you laugh with at the end of the night.

While it is important to know that your best friend is always there for you, it is equally important to know that this relationship is not just a one-way street. To have a best friend, you need to be a best friend. In other words, you must give and not just take. Your best friend is going to need you during their tough times too. They will be counting on you to catch them if they are ever about to fall. Be sure to support and encourage your best friends, just like you would want them to do for you!

While best friends are essential for tough times, they are just as important for having fun and enjoying life! A best friend is there to make the boring times memorable and the fun times even more fun. Your friendship will grow through the experiences you each have, accomplishments that you both achieve, and adventures that you have together; even the simplest things can be turned into a great adventure with your best friend.

One of my favorite things to do with my best friends is going to an amusement park for an all day adventure. One day we even brought a book that we took turns reading out loud while we were waiting in the lines. Now we look back and laugh about all of the great memories we made that day that none of us will ever forget. While an amusement park is fun there are also many other ways to have a great time with your BFF. You could go to a park near your house and play a few games or you could go down to the creek and skip some rocks or try the latest hair and makeup styles on each other.

The possibilities are always endless with your best friend!!