FIT – Become a Statistic

Have Fun and Feel Good!

By Analisa Naldi

So what if they cut PE from your daily school routine? Now you don’t have to dress out! That’s sweet, you’re a kid…you don’t need to exercise and watch what you eat. NOT!

Regular exercise, eating smart and adequate sleep are key to feeling good and having energy throughout your day!

You’ll have more success in school!  A study found that students who are physically fit are more likely to do well on achievement tests, and less likely to have disciplinary problems, according to a physical fitness assessment of more than 2.4 million students in the public school system in Texas.

Get some sleep!  Staying up all night hanging out, playing on the computer or video games, and watching TV late at night decreases your ability to pay attention in class, and decreases the chance for you to have good grades and healthy habits.

You’ll be happier!  Regular exercise builds self-confidence and releases endorphins, which create a feeling associated with happiness.

Okay, so eating fast food, and hanging out without exercise obviously isn’t good for your health. You really don’t have time to exercise and workout…right….WRONG!

Here are a few things you can do if you’re not into team sports at school:

• Meet with a group of friends at your local park or playground for a pick-up game of soccer,  basketball or volleyball.

• If you have cable TV find “FIT TV” or “Exercise TV” and choose a workout or a fitness program to get you moving, something like dance, yoga, Pilates or aerobics…you choose!

• Grab a jump rope and a friend.

• Start a walking or bike riding group, but always remember to stay with your group.

 If you are interested in team sports, ask your friends on a local sports team, and/or work with a coach and ask if you can join one of the local team or school sports. Group training with friends can be fun, and create a whole new network outside of your school friends.

 Become a statistic:   

• Why not be the 1 in 3 kids who can do at least 1 pull-up?

• Why not spend 2-hours per day hanging out with your friends at the park, playing catch or  Tag, and 1 hour per day learning to cook or helping prepare a family dinner instead of the average 3-hours a day spent on TV and playing video games?

• Why not increase your brain power by substituting 20-minutes on your gaming system for 20-minutes of aerobic activity.

It only has to take an hour a day to be fit and healthy.  Have Fun,  Feel Good… Become a Statistic!!!!!


Parents: For recommended books and DVDs on fitness, check out our Resources page in the For Parents section.