Decorating Your Room

By Heather Roberts, High School Senior and Btweens Intern

Do you have the chance to redo your room, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips on how to go about decorating and planning so that you end up with the room of your dreams!

A few years ago, I came across the opportunity to redo my room. I searched through a few magazines and decided that I wanted to do a girly theme with my room, but also with an older feel so that I would still like it for years to come.

When redoing a room, always start with the paint color for your walls so you have a basis of what sort of furniture and decorations to get, so that everything looks well put together. After a few weeks of discussing prices and things with my mom, and a lot of help and advice from my friends, I ended up with my dream room. I’ve now had it for two years, and I still absolutely love it!

On a budget? Check out this creative piece!

When I was redoing my room, I found a mannequin in a magazine that I really wanted. Unfortunately it was too expensive, so my mom and I went to numerous garage sales to try and find something that could substitute. Luckily, we found a mannequin at one of the sales we went to. It was green and a little chipped, but it was only fifteen dollars, and we immediately bought it! All we had to do was use the extra white paint from my closet doors to paint the mannequin and add different ribbons to the bottom to make it a one of a kind piece. What a bargain!

I like to pick one main color, and then add splashes of another color that I like around the room to make everything stand out!  Adding details even to little things, will give your room extra personality.

My favorite piece is my corkboard. I definitely love it! It’s the perfect place to display pictures of me and my friends, and I can put up tickets of things I went to (like the hockey game or the play).

Just remember, your room is yours, so make it your own! “B” creative and have fun with it. Best of luck!