Facebooking? Of course you are…


But are you keeping yourself and your friends safe in the process?

by Linda McCarthy, Internet Security Family Advocate and Btweens.com Expert

Let’s find out:

  • Do you have a strong password?
  • Do you know how to use one-time passwords with your Facebook account?
  • Do you configure login notifications in your Facebook security settings?

If your answer of these questions was No or I don’t know, then you’re not as safe as you could be — and neither are your friends.

But, you could be! Just give me 10 minutes a week.  Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll explain how to easily lock down your Facebook account.

You can also learn more by downloading this free guide to Facebook Security.

10 Minute Facebook Lockdown — Lesson 1: Creating a Strong Password
Creating a strong password is fairly simple. You want it to be complex enough that it can’t be guessed, yet meaningful enough that you can actually remember it.

A good password has at least eight characters, one or more numbers, and at least one special character. Use non-words but associate them with a word. Imagine your pet’s name is Buddy, you live on State Street, you’re 15, and you like to stargaze at night. A good password for you would be budstat15*.  Now you create a strong password and tell a friend how to.  Share this Facebook Lockdown Lesson with your Facebook Friends.

Facebook Lockdown – Lesson 2  — One Time Passwords

One time passwords (OTP) are great to use when you access your FB account from an untrusted wireless network, or accessing your account from someone else’s computer. The password is only good for a one time login and reduces the chance of someone stealing your password.  It’s simple to configure. First register your cell phone number with FB. Then you can obtain a OTP by sending a text to 32665. FB will send the OTP for you to use.  Go to Account Settings and then Mobile. Add your cell number.

This OTP lockdown should take no more than 4 min to complete and test.

Facebook Lockdown – Lesson 3 – Login Approvals

If you have a cell phone, FB will send you a text message with a unique code to use when you log into FB from a different computer. This is a GREAT feature to configure to reduce the risk of a hacker getting into your account and is good to use if you access your account from remote locations.  When you configure this, you will receive a text message with a login number to use.  You can also configure FB account to notify you when your account is being access by a different computer, or device. This two step lockdown should take no more than 4 min. to complete.

Step one—Login Approvals: go to Account Settings section and then select Security and select Login Approvals. The next time you go to login you will receive a text message with the login approval code.

Step two—Login Notifications: go to Account Settings and then Security and configure Login Notifications.

Congratulations – you just finished our Facebook Ten min. Lockdown Lessons. You made your account and the world safer. Remember – Everyone is responsible for security. Thanks!!!!

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