Famine in East Africa

Families affected by the draught in Somalia

You Can Help Other Kids

By Chloe, age 12 

I’m a lucky girl, I always have been.  I never worry about whether I’ll have enough to eat or not.  I’m always thinking about how I can help other kids in the world who are hungry.   And since I was little I’ve had a habit of finding money.  Sometimes it was a quarter or even a dollar in the street.  I wanted to give the money I found to people who were not as lucky as me.  My mom found organizations that helped me give even small amounts of money to help other people. 

Today, I want to tell you about an organization called UniversalGiving.org.  I interviewed Cheryl  Mahoney, Senior Marketing Associate for UniversalGiving.org. about helping other kids not go hungry.

Chloe: Why are kids in East Africa going hungry?

Cheryl: There’s been a lot of talk about the famine in Somalia.  Currently, over 10 million people in East Africa are threatened by the drought affecting the region.  Kids in East Africa are suffering from malnutrition because they are not able to access food and other basics necessities.

Chloe: It is so frustrating to hear these stories and feel there is nothing we can do to help because the problem is too big and too far away.

Cheryl:  Even if the problem is on the other side of the world, you still have the opportunity to be involved.  You can be a part of their lives.

Few groups know better than young people the power of the internet to connect us.  Even if the people in need are thousands of miles away, your chance to help is as close as your computer.  Websites like UniversalGiving.™ are hard at work to connect you to the organizations that are on the ground aiding in this crisis, giving you ways to support their work.

You can help feed children suffering from malnutrition in the Horn of Africa or bring water to drought-stricken regions of Kenya or provide relief for Somalia’s refugee children.

You don’t have to give a big donation to make a big difference.  Just a few dollars could feed someone in need!  No matter how much or how little you can give, you can help the people —many of them children and teenagers just like you.

This is a chance to mobilize your friends to be involved and help, too.  You could work together with some of your  friends, or talk to a teacher about creating a classroom project.  You could, also, organize parents you know to pool their money or raise funds in their community, so that together you can have an even bigger impact!

We all have the opportunity to help others, in your own community or across the world.  Children and families in East Africa are in need today—you can make a difference!

Cheryl Mahoney is the Senior Marketing Associate for UniversalGiving. UniversalGiving (http://www.universalgiving.org/) connects people to the top opportunities to give and volunteer all around the world. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.