My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours

Author: Kristina Springer

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Hey Tweens, StorySnoops is back again with another awesome book recommendation for Btweens readers like you! Spring break is coming up–this is a great one to read poolside, in the car, or wherever you may be spending your vacation.

Here is the story:

When twelve-year-old Tori’s lifelong BFF Sienna comes back from the whole summer away, things just aren’t right. Sienna comes back with a new look, newfound popularity, and Tori is just same old Tori. Sienna seems to have outgrown their best friend status, and she even has a boyfriend she can’t stop raving about!

When Tori realizes that Sienna is making up this super wonderful boyfriend, well two can play at that game–she makes up one of her own. The lying and the one-upping get worse and sticky situations arise. Will the girls finally come clean and admit to themselves how important their friendship truly is?

Here is the scoop:

Any of you who can relate to the complications of friendship, raise your hand! Hand up? Then you will love this book! You will be able to relate to these characters who lose touch with one another over one important summer and have a hard time reconnecting in the fall. When lots of attention and popularity is suddenly showered upon one friend, the other one has a hard time adjusting. The fake boyfriends these two girls make up are fantastic, attentive, sensitive, caring and of course… gorgeous!

These two BFFs stubbornly refuse to give in and admit that they are lying and that they both want their friendship to be like it was before. You are going to have to pick up the book and read it to find out how everything turns out for Tori and Sienna and their troubles with middle school, popularity, friendship and boys. This book has a great, eye-catching cover and the story inside does not disappoint.

Happy reading Btweens!

-The Story Snoops