My First Bra

Written by Rachel, Age 12


That first bra can mean a lot to a girl. It means that they’re starting to grow up, and for a lot of us, it’s pretty exciting to start painting a whole new identity for tomorrow.

I’m lucky, my Mom owns a lingerie company, so I got some really nice bras. When my Mom brought them home, I was really enthusiastic, and immediately ran to my room to try them on in front of my mirror. I remember trying on every single one, in every color, including the padded ones, even though I was a little wary of them.

Wearing bras every day made me feel more mature, and special, and I loved feeling like I was now an honorary member of some special club only bra-wearing girls were in- I still do. Getting a bra should be a positive experience for a girl, an exciting one, an opportunity to embrace the future, and what it holds for us.