Hats, Hats, Hats!

By Shelly Brown

I sat down with Lisa Cagliostro, hair and makeup artist for the Btweens  “Hats, Hats, Hats,” photo shoot. Lisa worked with our five tweens creating cute and simple hairstyles to wear with hats and fun accessories. Lisa had some great advice on style trends and hair care.

Btweens: What did you enjoy most about working with the girls in the photo shoot?

Lisa: I loved how excited and special they felt being part of the photo shoot. I wanted to create hairstyles that were a little different than what they normally wear, but easy to do. One of the girls, Carly, has wavy hair, so I gave her a straight look. She loved it!  A new hairstyle is all about showing off new trends. A slight change is sometimes all it takes!

Btweens: That sounds great!  Tell me a little bit about what styles are popular for today’s tween girls?

Lisa: Tweens are savvier today than when I was a young girl. They know trends and what they like.  So, my job is to pick a style for each girl that’s cute and easy and fits their personality. Girls love to copy the looks they like and see in magazines and make them their own.

Btweens: What are some popular accessories for girls?

Lisa: Hats are in this year. My favorites are the fedora hat which comes in great colors and plaids; the solid or sequin cabbie hats; and I love the stylish and functional cowboy hat with a beaded or ribbon hat band. Girls also love lots of bling! The trends are faux rhinestone and layered flower hair clips; metallic, braided, multicolor wide and narrow headbands; and satin flowers, sequins, beaded and multicolor pony tail holders.

Btweens: That sounds fun!  What do you recommend to girls who want a new hairstyle?

Lisa: When choosing a new hairstyle, it is very important to consider their hair type and face shape.  Girls like long hair and want a style that’s trendy, but it should also be easy to style. It depends on whether their hair is fine or thick. Fine hair needs extra care and should be trimmed more often to prevent damage. Thick hair looks best shoulder length and takes less time to manage.

Btweens: Do you have any other words of advice for our readers?

Lisa: LOOK natural, FEEL comfortable, BE confident and Have Fun!

Lisa Cagliostro is the Founder and owner of Sono Bellezza Rejuvenation Studio.