Meet Letizia from Savona, Italy


Letizia from Savona, Italy, age 11.

Meet Letizia an 11-year-old tween who lives in Savona, Italy.  Savona is a beautiful seaport city located on the Mediterranean Sea.  Savona’s port has been an important part of the town’s industry and history.  A famous former resident of Savona is Christopher Columbus who sailed across the globe and landed on the Eastern Coast of North America over 500 years ago.

Letizia loves to write poetry and stories.  She has even entered her writing  in contests and has won awards.  Letizia wrote her first poem when she was almost 7 years old.

You can read two of her poems in our poetry section.  One is titled Il giardino dei fiori (The Flower Garden) that she wrote when she was 7.  The other poem is titled La rosa bianca (The White Rose) and she wrote that one when she was 8.   Both poems were written in Italian but Goldie B has translated them into English for us. 

Letizia as Tinkerbell waiting to go on stage for a ballet performance.

Letizia also loves to dance.  She has been dancing since she was 4 years old, and at the age of 6, she decided to focus on Ballet. Last year she was chosen as one of the most talented ballerinas in Italy in her age group.