Are you a Busy “B”?

Balancing Homework and Hanging Out

By Heather Roberts, High School Senior and Btweens Intern

Trying to balance school and hanging out with friends can seem challenging and sometimes even impossible!  Both are extremely important, but you don’t have to sacrifice one in order to have the other.  You can have a balance of both.

It may seem like you are the only one who feels the pressures of both school and social life, don’t worry, everyone is going through it and you’re not alone. With these easy steps you will soon be on your way to success!

  1. Look over the homework you will have for the week. Make sure to focus on big tests, quizzes, projects and essays, for these take up the most amount of time. Write down all your homework, neatly, in a daily planner so that you will not miss any assignments and also write down any activities that you have during the week such as soccer practice, piano lessons, etc.
  2. Do all your homework that is due for the next day. If you have any spare time, start projects or homework that are due for other days.
  3. To-Do” lists are a must for homework! They are a great way to keep organized and focused! Plus, checking off a box after completing a task shows how much progress you’ve made while also showing if you are on a good track time-wise.

When you do have free time, don’t waste it! Be proactive and use that time to your advantage so that when you want to do things with your friends, your work will already be completed.  When you are on the bus ride back home or driving home with your carpool, even though it may be extremely tempting to talk to your friends about the things that happened at school that day, it is much more beneficial to start your homework. Before you know it, you may have completed a whole subject by the time you pull up to your driveway.

Stay on topic. When working on homework for a certain class, keep with it until you are done. The more you jump from one subject to another, the longer it will take you, and the less time it will leave you for your friends.

When you are working, do not have anything that will easily distract you, like music or the TV. The distractions will not allow you to focus on your homework, and will always make you take longer to complete your assignments.

Take breaks. Between subjects it is ok to listen to a song or two and maybe even get a small snack, but avoid watching television because many times “10 minutes” ends up turning into 10 episodes. A great idea for what to do during your homework break is to plan a fun event for you and your friends on the weekend. These plans will motivate you to get all your homework done, and will give you something to look forward to! Just make sure to plan in advance so everyone will have rides to get to wherever you want to go.

And last but not least, never underestimate the power of multi-tasking. Inviting all your friends over to study for a big test you have coming up is a great way to hang out with friends and study at the same time! You and your friends can even make up games to learn the test material and after all the studying is done, you can hang out and relax. 

By doing all these things, your homework will be done before you know it, and you will be out having fun with your friends.

After following these steps, you will still have the life of a Busy “B” but it will be more relaxed, more balanced, and more fun!