Earth Saver’s Club for Kids

Hi Btweeners,

My name is Devon (10) and I am one of the founders of the Earth Saver’s Club for Kids.  My sisters, Kylie (11) and Piper (8) founded the club, too.  We started out by making a little clubhouse outside out of recycled wood with some of our friends.  Our first idea was to go around the neighborhood and pick up trash.  That little house and our small idea has become a big website we created to help kids around the world become Earth Savers with us. The Earth Saver’s Club for Kids website has:

  • Earth Saving Tips where you can get ideas about how to save the earth or add your own ideas
  • Earth Saving Projects you can do with your family
  • Kids Share where you send us your poetry, photos, drawings, and stories and we put them on the website. Videos produced by club members about ways to save the earth are also in Kids Share.
  • EarthLinks sends you to other earth saving websites

Remember, the world can’t be saved without kids. Go put on your gardening gloves, start riding your bike to school, give your mom and dad a low flow shower head for their birthday, or do whatever helps the earth in your community or country. 

Please become a member and help us save the earth by going to our website and clicking on the Make Your Pledge icon and together we can save the earth. 

Ciao, Devon, Kylie and Piper