Trendy Tweens


There’s no doubt, tweens love fashion and know how to perk up their outfits and make them super stylish.

Some of the fall fashion trends for tweens this year reflect a little of the 80’s style…”Preppy” plaid shirts, and tennies.  Plaid button down tops can be worn buttoned up or with a colorful tee underneath. Some styles are longer with a tie or can be worn with a belt around the waist and with leggings. Converse low-tops either in black, white, or neon orange or green are funky cool and you can really let your personal style show through!

Leggings are the hottest trend, especially leggings that are made to look like jeans, or “jeggings.” Everyone seems to be wearing them this fall. They are versatile, stylish, comfy, warm, and can be perked up with cool t-shirts, long tanks, and tees that can be layered and mixed and matched. You can create your own look…be fashionable, but not fussy!

Another favorite trend worn with leggings are skirts and flats with simple tops. A super fashion forward way to wear this is by tucking a plain tee into a super cute skirt, pulled up to the waist with leggings underneath. Still comfy, but cute. Flats can add a little glamour to leggings. There are many styles of flats from embellished to dainty, and slightly edgy and colorful.

 And, finally, just by adding a funky or pretty scarf to your outfit can complete your look and personalize your style.

Just have fun, be you, and feel good!!!!

A special “Thank You” to our adorable tween models: Allesandra, Hannah, Julia, Kelsey, Marley, and Meghan

Clothing provided by Bloomingdales, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA