Snack Attack

Delicious Energy Packed Snacks

By Joanne Imperial, M.D.

Being a tween means you are constantly on the go. After school you’ve got homework, friends, sports and activities. You probably need an afternoon snack to keep you going strong! But what should you eat? It is important to eat healthy but that doesn’t mean boring. You can make yourself tasty, fun snacks in very little time.

Sugary snacks and fast food with too much fat might taste good but they don’t give your body the fuel it really needs. Healthy and delicious snacks recharge your energy and satisfy your taste buds.

Try these snack tips to keep your body happy:

Drink plenty of water! Your muscles need lots of water to keep them running in tip top shape. Water also helps keep your skin beautiful. Have a glass of water while you are preparing your snack and drink more water throughout your afternoon activities.

Add protein to your snack. Protein gives you energy that lasts longer than sugar. Your body needs protein to grow and build strength. Yogurt, cheese, nuts, and soy are all good sources of protein.

Take your time!  Always try to take the time to sit down when you eat.  You are busy and on the go, but make time for yourself to sit, relax and have your snack – even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

Pamper yourself!  When you make your snack put it on a pretty plate or bowl.   Food that looks good seems to taste even better!

Treat yourself! You can still have a cookie and be healthy.  But instead of having a handful of cookies, why not try using a cookie, granola bar, or graham cracker as a small part of your snack.  Our recipe below shows how you can build a healthy snack with a treat as a small component.

Super Fruity Parfait 

You can customize this snack to exactly the fruits you like most!  Here are some suggestions:

• a banana, peach or apple
• 4-5 strawberries, raspeberries, or blackberries
• 8-10 blueberries or raisins
• Granola, or favorite cereal, or graham cracker
• Scoop of frozen or regular yogurt

1. Cut all the fruit you chose to use into bite sized pieces.
2. Use a glass and make layers of yogurt, fruit, and cereal.
3. Top the last layer of yogurt with the blueberries or raisins.

Now just grab a spoon and enjoy!

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