Sisters’ raise $788 to feed the hungry

Kaitlyn plays violin next to her hand-written sign: "Please donate to Second Harvest Food Bank. $1 = 2 healthy meals"

By Poppy Pembroke, Communications Manager, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

 9-year-old Kaitlyn found out about hunger in her community, and decided she needed to do something to help.  When she came in for a tour of Second Harvest with her family, she learned that a $1 donation will provide 2 meals for hungry neighbors.  Kaitlyn decided she would have the greatest impact as a Food Bank Fundraiser.

All summer long, Kaitlyn and her younger sister Emily worked toward their vision of helping those in need. They went through all their clothes and toys to find things to sell on Craigslist, and also collected recyclables to increase the donation.

This past Sunday, Kaitlyn bravely played songs on her violin in front of a Lucky’s store, and in just 90 minutes had collected $85!

This week, Kaitlyn and Emily donated all the money they raised this summer – a total of $788 – which is enough to provide 1,576 meals for people in need.

Hats off to Kaitlyn and Emily, and their supportive parents!


Article reprinted with permission from Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and  San Mateo Counties.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties has been providing services to the community since 1974. They are the single largest nonprofit provider of food to low-income households in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties and are the fifth largest food bank in the country.